"Engele Kom" is Lucinda's latest single and self-made animated video release. The song is about facing personal hardship and asking for peace of mind and courage to grow from sorrow. Lucinda wrote it as a prayer in a very hurtful time, and has since been passionate about sharing her vulnerabilities through song and art. 

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When conceptualizing the video of "Weerloos", Lucinda felt that she would like to create a story that will make people smile. “I want the viewer to drift away into a feelgood magical little story.” The video is about a dialogue between two characters who are looking at each other with tiny torchlights – as if they are exploring deeper into each other`s inner landscapes. Lucinda says that the making of the video was a lot of fun, but she also had to be incredibly patient with the process: “Firstly I made the characters from paper. I built an instant ‘studio’ by placing my coffee table on top of another bigger one. This created the feeling of a stage for the story to play out on. I shot the video with an app on my phone. The video consists of 1601 photos: with each frame I moved the characters with a couple of millimeters for hours on end, until the video played out in proper movements. I am so happy with the result. It is exactly as I imagined it.”

“Weerloos” thematically looks at how hard it can be for people to get to know each other. “Weerloos” means “Vulnerable.” One must be brave to open- up to be known. The chorus personifies various characters that one encounters every day. People are different but there is a place of belonging for everyone. 

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Making of "Weerloos"